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Super Mario 63 wikia

Welcome to Super Mario 63 Wikia

For you all we created a wikia for Super Mario 63 that anyone can edit!

Please help us editing this wikia. Be sure that anything you write is from the game Super Mario 63.

To play Super Mario 63 Press that link !

When you want to play that game Hacked Press that link !

New on Wikia

On our wikia we created a new forum! Come and take a look! We also added badges! You can earn them by doing things written in description of badge! First who will collect 300 achivement points will get a prize!

Best article of month!

The best article of month choosen by wikia Administrators is: Bowser

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Hello we need members. Please become a member of our community. Register now it's free! Before writing in articles please play the game Super Mario 63 by pressing link on main page or search it in google!

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Bowser Castle 4

Welcome to Super Mario 63 Wiki online